Weight-Inclusive Nutrition Counseling

Imagine how it would feel to:

Group of Women Hanging Eating Together

It would be pretty amazing, right?

Happy plus size women having fun walking on the beach in swimsuits

It is mentally and emotionally EXHAUSTING to think about food all of the time- what you’re going to eat, how much, if you’re eating the right things, and feelings of guilt when you eat “bad” foods. The list goes on and on.

Not to mention, it is really challenging navigating our current society in a body that does not match its beauty ideal.

There is so much pressure to change your body in pursuit of health and happiness, BUT the approaches you take (aka fad dieting and overexercising to name a few) significantly harm the relationship you have with food and your body.

Whether you struggle with an eating disorder, feel overwhelmed by intrusive body image thoughts, or are sick of being stuck in the endless cycle of bouncing from restrictive dieting to feeling out of control around food- THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR REALITY.

I help clients just like you feel more empowered in how they nurture and nourish their body using a combination of Health at Every Size®, intuitive eating, and motivational interviewing.

When every one around you is subscribing to diet culture and discussing weight loss pursuits, you may feel incredibly isolated taking a different approach. You do not have to walk this journey alone!

Together, you and I will work to help you:

  • End the restrict/binge cycle to stop feeling out of control around food.
  • Stop labeling foods as “good” or “bad”.
  • Ditch the “all-or-nothing” and “black and white” mentality.
  • Feel free to eat when you are hungry or crave certain foods.
  • Experience fullness without feelings of failure or fear.
  • Foster greater self-compassion on your bad body image days.
  • Learn to recognize and cope with emotional eating using kindness.
  • Redefine your definition of “health” to reflect your personal needs AND create sustainable habits to reflect that new definition.
  • Stop using exercise as a way to earn food or punish your body.

No matter the shape and size of your body, you deserve to feel more at peace with food. You deserve to feel more neutral towards your body, showing yourself kindness and compassion on even the worst body image days.

Schedule a free discovery call to learn more about how we can get you there.


Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapy

An eating disorder isn’t something you choose to have that “simply” goes away by changing the size of your body or how much you eat. It is a REAL medical and mental health concern that often requires help from a clinical team to heal. Whether you are suffering from binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, ARFID, orthorexia nervosa, or any other eating disorder- I can be the dietitian who works with you to get you to a place where you feel EMPOWERED to nourish your body without guilt or shame.

Other Areas of Expertise:

  • Emotional Eating
  • Disordered Eating
  • Binge Eating
  • Body Image Concerns
  • Health at Every Size®
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Post-Surgery Bariatric Nutrition/ Food Freedom
woman enjoying ice cream without guilt or shame
I met Anna while searching for a HAES-aligned and Intuitive Eating-certified dietitian following a diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder. All of the professionals I interviewed were wonderful, but I immediately felt a connection to Anna and knew that she was the perfect addition to my team. I was both relieved and terrified to receive my diagnosis after 30 years of dieting and being afraid of my body. I felt sure that learning Intuitive Eating after all I had been through was impossible, and I expected to struggle at every step. Anna so skillfully and thoughtfully guided me through the recovery process that I only ever felt I was succeeding and growing– any stumbles or troubles felt like helpful learning experiences and never like failures. Anna is kind, compassionate, and thoughtful in her approach to her work and her professional relationships. I feel supported and prioritized as her client, and I feel so confident with each step I take. I cannot recommend working with Anna highly enough– she’s one of those rare people who can truly, meaningfully change your life!
image of client from nutrition counseling testimonial
Elizabeth Croote

Virtual Nutrition Counseling Services

client calling to set up a discovery call for nutrition therapy

Discovery Call

15-20 minutes | Free

Who you choose to work with can significantly impact the experience you have on this journey. This call is meant to give you the opportunity to ask me any and all questions to make sure I am the right fit for you. Likewise, I will be able to learn more about your personal goals to make sure my approach will meet your needs.

Top view of desktop with blank spiral notepad, laptop, coffee, flowers and other items.

Initial Session

60 minutes | $125*

I like to joke the first appointment can feel like a job interview, because it is my first opportunity to deep dive into your health history, dieting history, the timeline for your food and body image concerns, and your personal goals. From there, we will develop a plan that is specific to your needs to create gradual, sustainable change.

portrait of happy fat individual smiling and sitting at laptop

Follow-Up Sessions

30-40 minutes | $75*

These appointments are where we begin to challenge and transform harmful beliefs and rules around food that prevent you from feeling confident in how you nourish your body. We will also work to create tools and strategies to help you move towards body neutrality, so whether you have a good or bad body image day, you are still able to treat it with kindess and compassion.

*Sliding scale pricing is offered to those who need financial assistance.

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