Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, I do not accept insurance and am private pay. However, I do offer a sliding scale for those who may need financial assistance. If you are interested in using the sliding scale and would like to learn more, please inquire during your discovery call.

The desire to lose weight is not a bad or shameful desire. It honestly makes sense considering how AWFUL people in fat bodies are treated. They are ridiculed, stigmatized, and bullied for the size of their body. If this has been your experience, it seems logical to avoid this pain and trauma by losing weight.

There are a couple of reasons why I do not assist with weight loss. The first being, there isn’t great research that demonstrates a strategy for sustainable weight loss (meaning the weight is kept off) beyond five years and does not further harm your relationship with food. For this reason, I do not believe it is ethical to accept money for something that is not sustainable and may cause harm to you.

The second being- focusing on weight loss as the primary goal tends to negate the benefits of newly established health behaviors. For example, say you are sleeping more, coping with stress using movement or self-care, and eating more fruits and veggies. As a result, you are feeling more energized, stronger, and happier. If the scale reflects weight gain, you may believe you have failed despite feeling more energized, stronger, and happier. Over time, continuous disappointment by the scale can decrease your confidence and sense of empowerment in making behavior changes that can positively improve your quality of life while nurturing your relationship with food.

I only offer virtual appointments. I use a HIPAA-compliant software, called Practice Better, that allows us to securely meet through a video platform similar to Zoom. Once you have activated your account on Practice Better, you will be able to complete the initial consultation forms, pay invoices, and use their secure messaging software (similar to Facebook messenger) as another form of communication.

Follow-up appointments will be very conversational-based, similar to if you have been in therapy. Our goal will be to explore and challenge harmful thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from feeling empowered in how you nourish and nurture your body. This might look like redefining your definition of “health”, challenging what “counts” for physical activity, ditching the dichotomous “good vs. bad” labeling of food, giving yourself permission to eat all foods without the fear of losing control, and healing the relationship you have with your body. I incorporate a variety of counseling approaches (intuitive eating, empowerment theory, motivational interviewing, and Health at Every Size® ) while keeping in mind the systems of oppression that are often at the root of how you may see food and your body. 

No, I do not create meal plans for my clients. Food is such a personal thing. There are many reasons why you may choose to eat certain foods- culture, religion, taste preferences- just to name a few. If I were to make a meal plan for you, even with these factors in mind, it still may not meet your needs or feel doable for you. 

Plus, as much fun as I am to work with, I am pretty sure you do not want to work with me forever. Rather than providing a meal plan, I will teach you the skills needed to create satisfying meals and snacks that meet your unique needs, so you will have the confidence to do so on your own in the future. 

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